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Implantable Devices

Implantable devices such as bone-anchored hearing devices (BAHA) or cochlear implants are available for those who are not able to benefit from traditional hearing instruments. At Hearing Care Austin, Dr. Raymond Brown and our audiology team can determine if you are a candidate for an implantable hearing device.

If we determine that you would benefit from an implantable hearing solution, Dr. Brown will perform surgery and provide follow-up medical care. Our audiology team will program the device, counsel, train, and provide you with care to help you use it successfully.

Cochlear Implants 

Cochlear implant candidates either have severe to profound hearing loss in both ears or have tried and failed to communicate successfully with traditional hearing instruments. Even the most high-tech hearing instruments may not improve hearing and understanding for some ears.

Cochlear implants provide the auditory nerve pathway with electrical information that codes sound. Through time, training, and patience, most cochlear implant recipients are able to hear and understand speech.

Dr. Brown and our audiology team will take the time to determine whether you are a cochlear implant candidate, educate you about them including how they work, and discuss the training and homework you will need to complete that will ultimately help you take part in conversation successfully. 

Dr. Brown and his team will also connect you with cochlear implant recipients who volunteer to speak with those considering implantation to help you make a fully informed decision.

We provide cochlear implant services for patients 12 years old and older who meet candidacy criteria.

Our cochlear implant services include:

  • Determining if you are a candidate for a cochlear implant through medical and audiological testing and recommending the best cochlear implant for your lifestyle. We work with both Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas, two leaders of the cochlear implant industry.
  • Testing the electrical response of the implant during surgery to ensure both the internal and external portions are working as designed
  • Mapping the implant(s) once your post-operative care has been completed. We will teach you how to use the processor and accessories, as well as provide you with homework and tutorials to ensure your success.

Processor upgrades and annual mapping are available when appropriate.

Osseointegrated Devices

We offer osseointegrated, or bone-anchored, devices for people with mechanical hearing loss such as chronic middle-ear disease, atresia, and those with mixed-type hearing loss or even single-sided deafness. These implants differ from cochlear implants in that they send vibrotactile information to the cochlea (the organ of hearing).

With this style of implant, a small titanium post is inserted onto the bone behind the ear. Over a short time, the bone integrates with the post seamlessly, letting the sounds that come into the external processor vibrate the bone. This vibration is sent to the inner ear and the sound information is then sent to the brain. We work with both BAHA and Oticon Medical Ponto devices.

Our osseointegrated device services include:

  • Rigorous testing to determine candidacy, including selecting which type and strength of processor would best meet your needs. We work with both BAHA by Cochlear Americas and Ponto by Oticon Medical.
  • Programming your device and teaching you how to use and care for it, as well as providing follow-up programming as needed
  • Providing regular follow-ups and external processor upgrades when appropriate

Implantable Hearing Devices in Austin, TX

Please call (512) 339-4040 to schedule a consultation or complete our online request form if you would like to find out if a cochlear implant or bone-anchored hearing device is an option for you.

image of a Implantable Hearing  Device

Meet Dr. Yi-Hsuan Emmy Wu

Meet Dr. Yi-Hsuan Emmy Wu

Dr. Emmy Wu is a board-certified otolaryngologist specializing in Meniere’s disease, vestibular disorders, chronic ear disease, hearing restoration with implantable hearing devices, and cochlear implants. A member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Wu is fellowship trained in otology. She completed her medical degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and her head and neck residency at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.


Patient Education

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